I am a professional videomaker freelance with over 6 years of experience in directing, filming and editing. This experience gave me varied skills and abilities as excellent organization and customer behaviour/needs. I am a self motivated person with a big capability to understand what customers wants.

City in which I live

I'm living in Dublin but I've been living in Valencia, London and Rome

Online courses

• Front end developer.

UDACITY, Google.

Language's courses

• Intensive Spanish course

Hispania escuela de Español. Valencia, Spain

• Intensive English Course

Twin Towers School of English. London, UK


I am self taught person and passionate about Internet tecnology and researchs. I studied how to build Websites in Html5 and CMS and I collaborate with a Web agencies in webcampaigns.

University and masters

• Master's degree, Audio & video-editing

• Degree in cinema criticism
La Sapienza Universitá di Roma, Italy


I was born in Rome, Italy.